Nettaxi is a provider of a community web portal designed to develop premium online communities. The company’s community portal is in a re-launch status and is your one stop shop for all of your social networking needs. The Nettaxi platform endeavors to provide a little bit of everything for everyone and is content and service rich, enabling citizens and businesses to get ready-to-use e-commerce capabilities. Nettaxi, is re-emerging to engage in business on the Internet and World Wide Web. With over 2.4 million ad impressions daily, www.nettaxi.com in 2002 was ranked by 100hot as the 23rd most popular site on the Internet and number 44 on the Media Metrix/PC Meter Fastest Growing website list. With the re-emergence of Nettaxi we look forward to participating in the continued evolution of the internet as we know it. Popular Web sites fall into a number of established categories such as news, search engines, arts and entertainment, government, finance, education, and sports, which are the basis for the re-emergence of Nettaxi’s communities.